The Elements of Typographic Style

by Robert Bringhurst

Often referred to as "The Typographer's Bible," Chapter 6 of The Elements of Typographic Style covers Choosing and Combining Type. Bringhurst reminds us to "Choose faces that will survive, and if possible prosper, in the final [screen] conditions" and to choose faces that suit the task as well as the subject. He tells us to "start with a single typographic family," but when the time comes to combine fonts, "balance the type optically more than mathematically."

Nice Web Type

by Tim Brown

One of my favorite sites, Nice Web Type strikes a balance between typographic artistry and technical know-how. In the "fonts" section of the site Brown writes, "You may have noticed, there are lots of typefaces out there to choose among. Here you'll find the ones I prefer, and my reasons."

Good Web Fonts

by Laura Franz

This site started as a resource for my web typography students; they needed to know where to find lively, subtle, perfectly legible fonts to use in text on the web. Good Web Fonts highlights good web fonts for text. "Who has time to test web fonts? Relax. We're doing it for you."